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You look down between your toes. The number has gone up. Your heart sinks. Motivation goes out the window. Your posture slumps as you wonder why this damn number keeps going up. It must be broken, right?.⠀

Why are we defined by a number on some scales? You gain a pound or two and you think people will look at you differently. You lose a pound or two and you can’t wait for people to notice.⠀


Let us explain something. Your bodyweight will change frequently, there are many factors that contribute to this, especially if you are a female. ⠀

Weight gain or loss and fat gain or loss are rarely connected. Sure, there is a relationship between the two. If your muscle mass, water retention (intra muscular and fat cells) and bone density doesn’t change in ANY way, but the scales move, then sure, this would be a fat loss/gain sign. However, take note of everything i’ve listed before the fat gain/loss.⠀ ⠀ ⚪️Water retention within the muscles 🔴Water retention within fat cells ⚪️Bone Density 🔴Muscle Mass

We need to look at all the above before we jump the gun and instantly assume that we have put on body fat! In its simplest form, when you see the scales increase…. ask WHY and WHAT are the possible reasons. Lets look at some typical scenarios.⠀

You may have increased food and slowed down your training resulting in a little water retention, and some body fat.⠀

You may have not weighed in a few months, but been eating and moving more, yet the scales may have increased by 1 or 2lbs, This is good! you may have achieved improved ⠀ bone density and gained some muscle. ⠀

You see, our bodies are pretty amazing things. They are born survival machines and want to do anything and everything to survive. If we eat too much then it will store the energy for another day. If we don’t eat enough, then we will use other energy stores to survive.⠀ ⠀ The bottom line here is THROW THE SCALES AWAY!⠀

Start a new life for you, to make you happy, minus the scales, minus the restriction and minus the opinion of others!⠀


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