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Why you hate yourself......


How many times has your mother of father said something like this to you?

"You are so fat, you need to lose some weight"

"For god sake, look at you. You look like a pig"

or my personal favourite...

"Do you think anyone is going to love you looking like that"

Sound familiar?

In my line of work, I'd guestimate that over 60% of the women I work with have experienced this from an early age... but the sad thing is that the people who are saying this is their own mothers and farthers. More often than not, its their mothers.

Hearing these horrible and disgusting words can have a huge impact on our emotions, but more importantly they can actually impact us massively later in life and for the whole of our life.

There is a theory, in the world of science, that states in the first 7 years of our life we develop a blueprint on our behaviours, responses to scenarios and how we cope with scenarios. The is sometimes referred to as the BLUEPRINT OF LIFE.

This blueprint sets a map and direction for how we behave to scenarios for the rest of our lives and its incredibly hard to re-wire...

For example, from birth to 7-8 years old, we are taught (from our parents usually or guardian) that some things are good and bad.

Always look left and right at the road.

Fire is hot, don't touch it.

Farther Christmas brings you presents every year

Its OK to accept sweets from family members, but not strangers.

Don't look directly at the sun.

These are all bits of advice and teachings that our parents hand down during our blueprint. We believe their every word. Sometimes, during our infancy rebellion we test a few of these things, only to find out they were right.

Fire does really hurt if I touch a match.

Every year presents do appear out of no where.

Staring at the sun does hurt.

It's things like this that allow our parents to become mighty authorities and it gets to the point where we often don't question their word and it's considered gospel.

So, when a mother turns around to at 5, 6, 7 or 8 year old child and says something like: -

"You are so fat, you need to lose some weight"

"For god sake, look at you. You look like a pig"

"Do you think anyone is going to love you looking like that"

...What are we likely to think or believe?

It starts to install negative thoughts, negative behaviours and thus negative emotions from such a young age.

Even something said in jest can often be taken the wrong way - children don't develop humour like adults until many years later, so they have a tendency to take things literally... which is obviously completely understandable.

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