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Why women should lift weights.

I have met so many women who have started their journey to hitting their goals but aren’t seeing the results that they hoped for.

It could be that progress has slowed, they’ve lost the weight but don’t feel as slim as they hoped or that they don’t have the tone and definition that they wanted.

In all of these situations it usually comes down to the fact that they aren’t doing one of two things – they aren’t lifting weights at all or they aren’t lifting heavy enough weights.

Most women are put off lifting weights or lifting heavy weights as they think that they’ll get bulky. It is impossible for women to get as bulky as men as you simply don’t have the same level of testosterone as them which is needed to bulk up to that level.

There are so many benefits of lifting weights. Here are just a few:

1. You burn fat more effectively Calories will be written off faster when you weight train as individual muscle groups are put under greater strain. The recovery process for muscles is greater and far more calorie dependant than doing some cardio. GREATER CALORIE EXPENDITURE

2. Increased metabolism In the most basic of explanations your muscles are your metabolism. The more lean muscle you have the more calories you will burn when they are used. Every movement you make will use muscles (blinking, walking, eating etc). Lean muscle is built when they are tested and put under pressure, ie. lifting weights and challenging the muscles by lifting heavier.

3. You’ll look lean When most women start off on their weight loss journey they focus solely on the number on the scales and hammer the cardio in a hope that the number falls. This results in a loss of fat but also muscle. So although the number on the scales may say what you want the image looking back in the mirror isn’t. Adding weights will make the number of the scales look bigger but the tone and definition achieved gives you the shape you want to see.

4. Improved bone health As we get older our bone health decreases, particularly post menopause. Contrary to some opinions lifting weights actually improves joint and bone health rather than harming.

The earlier you start lifting weights the more benefits you will get and the more your risk of osteoporosis is reduced in later life.

There are many more benefits to lifting weights that I haven’t gone into here such as better sleep and more energy. As with any exercise your body gets used to it so constantly lifting the same weight will stop having benefits.

To maintain the benefits increase the weight that you are lifting when it starts to feel easy.

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